How would you like to have over $30,000 saved in 10 years? Most women I know have a weakness when it comes to beauty. A woman is behind the financial curve of a man due to her beauty routine. This is a bit of a touchy subject for most women! Think about the 8 following categories:

  1. Hair cut: $15-100 bi-monthly
  2. Hair colored. $50-150 bi-monthly
  3. Eyebrows threaded. $7/ 2x a month
  4. Manicures. $10-45 plus tip
  5. Pedicures. $15-50 plus tip
  6. Massages and facials. $60 plus tip
  7. Waxing (or sugaring). $7-200 plus tip
  8. That fad diet. This varies greatly, and the industry earns around $2 billion a year.

Potential higher ticket items could make this amount insanely high: spray tanning, dermabrasion, Botox, facelift, breast augmentation, and liposuction! However, if you have stumbled upon my post, it is highly unlikely you are one of those spenders!

Within the category of beauty, the cosmetic industry alone earned an insane $64 billion dollars in 2016!

Of the 8 above-listed vanity items, I’m going with a low average price per month around $284. This doesn’t include excessive clothing or make-up. So, the actual number could be much higher. If you want to trim your budget look at these items as the annual expense adds up to around $3,408! In ten years, this is $34,080! 

Look at those numbers and try not to envision a life that much closer to early retirement. Then look at your pampered lifestyle and try not to smack yourself in your beautiful face! Women, wake up! Men don’t care if your contouring is perfection! Men would rather you get ready in 2 minutes and be out having adventures! Stop stressing about your face, hair, nails or that last 5 pounds, and put all that money into savings!

Women dominate the consumeristic mindset plaguing society. This might be hard for you to hear but look back over your expenses. It might be easy to justify those purchases by claiming that you “need it!.” Do you really? How many things of eyeliner do you need? Do you really NEED 5 different types foundation, concealer, toner, blush, or highlighter? As someone who has owned 1 foundation, blush, and eyeliner for 10 years, my answer is no. You do not NEED those things. Your vanity wants those things.

Growing up a tomboy with a Mama who didn’t own makeup made not spending money on any of the above-mentioned items easy. I simply never did any of the above things and considered this normal. My sister cuts my hair, I tweeze my own eyebrows and have had a pedicure 3 times in my life. Things I DO spend money on monthly: a gym membership of $19.99/month. I’d lose my sanity if I couldn’t lift several times a week, and my gym is Ahhmazing. Seriously, they have 5 squat racks!

This is actually where my husband asked me out. I was wearing NO makeup, absolutely drenched in sweat and sleep deprived due to studying for an exam for my MBA program. Guess what? He didn’t care and still prefers me with zero makeup and sweaty at the gym.

However, how do you trim out those expenses if that IS the lifestyle you are accused to living?

Buy only what you truly need!

I’m not saving going barefaced all the time. I do own a very minimal amount of makeup which I use 4 or 5 times a year and might wear eyeliner and mascara once a month when I want to look sexy for the husband (not that he notices!). I think the process of putting on makeup is mentally for me to “feel” sexy, and doesn’t change his perspective in the slightest. You have got to love the irony there!

Full disclosure, I am addicted to Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm. To save a little here I buy in bulk from Amazon. The 12 pack is cheapest in the summer time when you can find it for less than $24! Winter time prices shoot up to almost $36! Walmart is comparable to winter-time prices and will sell a single tub for $2.97. Remember to purchase from Amazon in the summertime because two years of lip balm for our household comes to a total of $24.

Once you can whittle your beauty money pit down to what you actually, truly need – what do you do next? You save!


Look at that ten-year number above! Almost $35,000!. Image that down-payment you have been working overtime to fund. Or that retirement account that is growing so painfully slow. Or that account that you have been thinking about opening for 5 years to invest in the stock market. All of those things are possible.


8 Ways Beauty is a Woman’s Financial Downfall
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